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The construction industry is a fast-changing and dynamic one, so it’s important to stay up on trends. We’ve put together this article of trends that we think will be the most influential in the next five years. With these trends in mind, you can plan ahead for your business and get ready for what’s coming!

Modular Construction on the rise

Modular construction is a prefabricated architectural style that comprises several sections called modules. These parts are fabricated elsewhere and brought to the site for assembly in sort of an arrangement pattern, which makes it more convenient compared with traditional architecture. This type of building has gained popularity due to its compatibility with 3D printing technology as well as conserving resources. We expect modular buildings will gain value up from $108 billion by 2025 because we may have labor shortages or advanced technology like 3d printers out there creating home designs.

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Characteristics of the Next Generation Construction Worker

The construction worker trends we expect to see in 2021 are more focused on gender and racial diversity, better safety practices, and a shift towards high-tech jobs. The industry has been criticized for being male-dominated and filled with dangerous work sites but these trends may help it make some progress towards better diversity. We also expect that the next generation workforce will be more experienced and well-educated because of an aging workforce, as well as the growing demand for skilled labor.

BIM & VDC Design Technology

Advances in technology have made architects’ and builders’ jobs easier. BIM, or building information modeling, has taken over CAD as the most popular means of designing a building virtually. It’s also used to create 3D models for virtual construction projects by engineers called VDCs (Virtual Design and Construction). Financial management tools are helping predict potential problems so that costs can be saved before they happen during actual construction on site.

Usage of 3-D Prints

Nowadays, we can see notable buildings as a result of the 3-D printing mechanism. Construction done through these printers is much quicker and accurate than traditional methods since they directly transmit design into physical form.