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Driving aids can be helpful for people with disabilities. Driving aids are tools that make it easier to drive a car, truck or motorcycle. They come in many forms and have specific purposes. Below we will discuss some of the most common types available. We spoke to the team at provider of NDIS approved mobility hand controls.

Factors to consider when choosing the right driving controls

When it comes to choosing the right driving controls for yourself, there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider. Some disabilities might mean that your choice is limited by what aids you require in order to drive (e.g., hand controls or foot motion), while others will depend on strength and range of movement limitations, as well as which functions they offer assistance with when operating vehicle equipment such as lights/turn signals and windows.

Once you have an idea about these things, all that’s left is deciding whether manual switches or voice-control systems would be best suited for meeting your needs – whichever one suits them can change from day to day depending on where each person falls within this wide spectrum.

Hand controls

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Hand controls are there to help you navigate the streets and make it from point A to B with ease. And like any other part of your vehicle, every driver has their own set preferences for what works best for them; so when choosing a hand control device, be sure that not only is this going to work well but also fits comfortably in your hands as well!

Fadiel Combined Brake and Ergonomic Accelerator

The new FSK2005 Combined Brake & Ergonomic Accelerator offers a more functional design for the user. The trigger is light and ergonomically designed, meaning it can be activated without fatigue! It even has an acceleration safety cut-out mechanism to prevent accidents when you need to brake or stop quickly; plus there’s a locking function that reduces fatigue while driving. This innovative piece of technology also includes changeable end knob for greater customisation options as well as easy height and angle adjustment features so they always feel comfortable in your hand (and on your budget!).

Mechanical Hand Controls

Using a left or right-hand brake and accelerator is now possible with this design. You’ll be comfortable and responsive to use this too.

Vehicle Access

The internal platform lift is a great option for you if your vehicle has enough space to accommodate the height of this type of device. The underfloor lifts are ideal because they can be used in any kind and size of an automobile, including small sedans or SUVs. They also offer more flexibility with positioning so that it doesn’t take up too much room inside your car’s cargo area while still installing securely into place without being visible from outside the auto when lifted off its frame by an electric motor-powered winch system during operation time.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

For someone with a mobility impairment, driving a wheelchair-accessible vehicle is often the best option for getting around. So, better find a vehicle provider who can help you with a range of options.

Bottom Line

When it comes to disability adaptations, the goal is always a good fit for your needs.

The key with any kind of adaptation (whether that be an adaptive technology or mobility solution) is getting the right one for you. You may already have had an assessment and know what you’re looking for – but don’t choose something just because other people do! Your safety and comfort are too important in these decisions so make sure all possible solutions are explored before making a final decision.