Brisbane is without a doubt my favorite city in Australia – I love everything about the place! From its beautiful parks and laneways, to its eclectic food scene. So here’s just a short list of some of Brisbane’s bests things:

Admire The View From The Top Of Story Bridge

One of the most famous Brisbane attractions is the iconic Story Bridge. Standing at 90 meters high, this bridge lights up and makes for some spectacular night photos with a beautiful skyline backdrop!

The Story Bridge, which is one of Brisbane’s most iconic and best-known attractions, was built in the 1930s by American architect John Allan. It has a beautiful design that looks more like an art piece than just another bridge to get from point A to B! The highlight of this attraction for many people is its nighttime lighting effects.

The Story Bridge might be one of Brisbane’s lesser known landmarks but it holds a special place in history as Australia’s first steel cantilever bridge with no piers or support columns below it at water level. 

If you’re in Queensland by the end of September, make sure to check out the Riverfire Festival! The most amazing pyrotechnic show I have ever seen and with Story Bridge at front it makes for an unforgettable sight.

Riverfire festival is a free event that features Australia’s biggest firework display set against Brisbane City Hall and the iconic Story Bridge (the only place where fireworks are lit on both sides) from 11pm until 12am each night as well as live music performances starting at 7:30 pm nightly.

Australian Flora And Fauna At Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Brisbane are one of the most relaxing places to go. One of the many things that makes this gardens so amazing is their collection plants from all over Australia and even New Zealand! Not only do they have some really cool plant life, but there’s a waterway for you to explore as well!

The “Tropical Capital” has an incredible variety of animals within its borders including kangaroos, koalas, dingoes and more. Thankfully we can see these native Australians at our own leisure by visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary or Taronga Zoo where countless other species await your arrival too (including Fiji dolphins!). If you’re looking for something with less excitement then head on down town where beautiful views abound

You might want to think twice about having lunch next to the lake because you’ll end up surrounded by several lizards fighting amongst themselves for the right to have even the tiniest bit of cheese. On the bright side, they are not aggressive towards humans, but if you don’t want to experience it first-hand in fear that your sandwich will be taken from you before finishing chewing and swallowing each bite then maybe eat somewhere else; I know this is true personally as I learned firsthand!

Australia is home to a wide variety of birds, and you will have plenty of opportunities to spot them during your visit! Keep an eye out for the Ibis bird (the Australian version of pigeons), bush turkeys, very weird ducks- they are all lovely. And if it’s close to night time then keep an eye out for possums; these little guys can be found in many Aussie forests.

Go Rock Climbing At Kangaroo Point Cliffs

The Brisbane River is one of the most iconic and well-known aspects in this city. From the Botanical Gardens, you’ll be able to take a short walk up to where it’s located on your left side if heading towards town center/the CBD. The river provides life for many people in Brisbane as they use its waters for fishing or recreation; not only that but there are also plenty of waterfalls along the way so make sure you have some time set aside!

The brown snake (or “Brisbane River” like locals call it) crosses across this great Australian city before ending into Moreton Bay which makes visiting these two places an absolute must when touring around Queensland with someone new while looking at all spots available nearby.

If you walk along the Brisbane River, left of where all those beautiful sailing boats are anchored at night and in the morning to watch them come alive with locals getting on board for a day’s work or passengers boarding for their tours. Kangaroo Point is another great scenic spot within city limits that offers stunning views of the river and skyline!

It is hard to leave the sunshine capital of Australia. Brisbane has everything you need, making it a perfect spot for travelers looking to explore and experience all that our country has to offer!

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