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Construction is a booming industry that has 4 different types of construction. The 4 major types are residential, commercial, industrial and heavy construction. In this blog post, we will go over the 4 types of construction and how they differ from one another!

Residential Building

Residential construction is the building, repairing and remodeling of structures for people to live in. It includes apartments, townhomes, condos; nursing homes as well as dormitories and outbuildings like utility sheds. Residential construction also involves repair or installation of utilities such as water or electricity around a structure so that it can be lived in properly by its inhabitants.

With many residential housing projects, the design and construction is handled by different individuals. The engineers and architects carry out the initial phases of designing a project before it moves to be constructed by one or more subcontractors who do all mechanical work for example; electrical wiring, carpentry etc. In contrast, single-family house builders usually undertake both roles – namely they take care of every stage from sketching designs through constructing them into reality on their own land plot in some cases these days.

The process of building residence-based initiatives can look very different depending on whether you are talking about large scale developments with multiple designers that constructions firms use as contractors versus smaller pieces like individual homes where builders often handle not only design but also build themselves.

Institutional and Commercial Building

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Institutional and commercial building is the process of erecting new buildings or repairing existing ones. Schools, hospitals, retail stores – all these structures need to be built from time to time in order for society as a whole to continue functioning properly. They can often go up either by private companies who seek investors or through government funding that comes directly out of tax dollars!

Specialized Industrial Construction

The third type of construction is specialized industrial. This entails building structures that require a high level of specialization as well as technical skills in planning, construction and design. Typically, this type of work is carried out by for-profit or industrial corporations with the expertise such projects need to be done right like chemical industry oil refineries or power generation industry nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams are examples.

Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

One of the most important aspects for any society is infrastructure. Infrastructure includes things like railways, communications systems and roads which are vital to modern life in a developed country. This type of construction usually takes place due to public interest or it may be executed by large private corporations on behalf of government agencies. Some projects that fall under this category include tunnels, bridges, highways and transit systems – all essential parts for maintaining transportation links between communities throughout your city!

Bottom line

There are a number of different construction experts for just about any kind of project. They include architects, engineers and builders that can help you design your building or construct it depending on what is needed. A good specialist will be experienced with their work including the type they specialize in as well as dependable so make sure to do some research before hiring them! Using the internet and referrals from friends and family members helps find out more information about potential contractors.